Mozilla’s rise and doom

Hello Mozilla’s friends,

I decided to write this article in english because I think it should be presented for general public. I am writing this article under the impression of current developments made by Mozilla and his managment.

Brendan Eich was considered as CEO of Mozilla, however because of his donation to the „Proposition 8“ he was unable to make his job on the top of the company.

Let me disagree with the current development in this case: I think a persons job should never be connected with the person in his private life. Making a donation (as a private person i believe) in the past should never be a cause of problems in the job, even if this is a CEO of a company. In a business life having another opinion than the majority should not cause problems.  The only exception is big politics where politicians with such a view cannot be ignored.

OKCupid‘s action was not very lucky. However you can laugh – they recommend „Internet Exploder“ – not Internet Explorer, see MAFF file. You can view and create the MAFF files using this add-on.

Now, Mozilla’s problems are not only because of Brendan Eich. Long before i read of him i had my own problems with Mozilla’s main browser – Mozilla Firefox.

I was a big fan of Firefox since Mozilla created it in the early 90’s. I installed Firefox 1.0 and then NEVER changed a browser up until a short time ago. So what happened? Some time ago I noticed that my animated persona’s theme is not working (i think with Firefox 16-17) and i thought it was a bug. No – this was not a bug, it was a „feature“! Short time after I noticed the removal of ‚fav-icons‘ in the „Awesome-bar“, this is where you type address. It was another „feature“. There are some other minor „features“ I didn’t like, but be pressured to use „Australis“ was an Overkill for me. Three months ago i switched the browser – for the 1st time since the 1st use of Firefox 1.0.

For people like me – don’t use Firefox 29. This is the 1st browser with that silly theme and removed features. Use either Firefox 24 ESR or – my suggestion – Pale Moon, which is based on it.

PS: as you can see I refuse to use Firefox for wrong decisions made by development team. Those are technical reasons. I would never switch the browser just because of mismatched CEO ruling the company.


2 Kommentare zu “Mozilla’s rise and doom

  1. Exactly. Changing because of a CEO is not the best way.

    But the countless amount of horrible mistakes Mozilla is making since version 4 – with the introduction of the rapid release model in sake of being like Chrome with high version number and all the other changes to be in parity with Chrome DO SUCK BIGTIME!

    And to Australis.. If i would want to use Chrome i already would use Opera!

    • Alexei sagt:

      Thanks for reply. Introducing rapid release model was not a mistake in my eyes.

      But being like another browser means changing and loosing individuality, see Opera. Opera is dead now, it is based on Chromium and completely dead, sadly for some people.

      The only browsers having individuality are Internet Explorer and Chrome now. Any other are just copying Chrome or modifying GUI to be like Chrome.

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