Ukrainian Canadians. Case of Valentina Lisitsa.

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This blogs main language is German, limiting my audience to mainly German people. However, I have also exceptions if I publish things of general interest. Such case is now.

Ukrainian Canadians

I never thought about Canada badly. I love the country, I love the nature and I love the people. I dislike the position of Canadian government putting sanctions on Russia though, but I understand – such decision wasn’t made without U.S-pressure.

The first time I dealt with Ukrainian diaspora in Canada was in November 2014 when I came across some BIG name: Michael Bociurkiw (@mikeybbq: This man is very special now – he is an OSCE chief and spokesman for OSCE SMM (Special Monitoring Mission, Ukraine).

I decided to make some research and was a bit shocked. Michael Bociurkiw is a son of an Ukrainian Nazi. His father, Bogdan Rostislaw Bociurkiw was born 1925 in Galitschina, at that time part of Poland. In times of German annexation of Poland (1939-41) Bogdan Bociurkiw studied in Franfurt-am-Main at university. Bogdan Bociurkiw was actively involved in Ukrainian Nazi movement. In the 2nd World War Bociurkiw was even in concentration camp Flossenburg.  In 1947 he finally escaped to Canada, thereafter he married his wife Vera Wasilischina (also an Ukrainian) and got 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Bogdan Bociurkiw completed his studies 1954 at university Manitoba, Canada and graduated 1961 at the university Chicago. He also teached politics, especially „Soviet politics“ first at university Alberta in Edmont, later at the university Carleton, Ottawa. In Edmont he founded the „Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Research“, in Ottawa – an Institute of „Soviet politics and East-European Research“. I think I wrote the names correctly…

Bogdan Bociurkiw also dedicated his life to research of human rights violations in the former USSR.

Relatives of Bogdan & Michael Bociurkiw participated on Maidan actively and assured Ukrainians of support from Canada.

Now you see what a man is a chief of OSCE in Ukraine. I think it is not OK, am I right?

How independent and neutral is OSCE SMM? To find out the answer to this question I uploaded some photos.

EVG_1153-1170x781-960x540OSCE SMM Ukrainian Crisis Media Center: Michael Bociurkiw (left). Alexander Hug speaking (right). In the background „€uromaidan – Rebirth of the Nation.“

Lisenko-4-1170x783-960x540OSCE SMM Ukrainian Crisis Media Center: Andriy Lysenko speaking. In the background „We are Crimea. We are Ukraine.“

I think this question is answered so far.

Case of Valentina Lisitsa

I must admit I never liked classical music. Born in old seventies in Ukraine I’ve always heard pop, rock and even gothic style, but never classical music.

It was March 2014 when I have heard about Valentina Lisitsa (@ValLisitsa: Shame on me, I’ve never heard about her before, impressive musician and beautiful woman.

Valentina is not the first musician promoting her work using social media like YouTube. But she is the first one, who uses her Twitter to express her feelings and share her political views.

I’m following her Twitter since March 2014, all I can say: yes, some of her Tweets need a discussion, but there is nothing you can describe as ‚hate-speech‘.

This week something happened I expected some time ago. Because of her political views (she actually does not like the government in power in Ukraine) she could not play music in Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO). Her performance and finally the entire concert in Toronto was cancelled. TSO even offered her cash NOT TO PLAY.

Valentina’s view of things can be viewed on her Facebook.

So why did it happen? Maidan destroyed not only peoples hopes for better life and many dreams, it destroyed much more. After Maidan people actually lost ability to think, to feel pain for other’s, acceptation of another opinion. They lost their ‚humanity‘, at least partially. That is quite something. I tried to speak with West-Ukrainians after Maidan. These people can’t be reached by arguments. They think, it is all ‚propaganda‘ you’re saying, even if you’re reasonable. I cannot speak to somebody who is unwilling to accept my right to have another opinion. Now: what will happen, if your expectations are not fulfilled? First you feel sorrow, then you feel hate. And finally you want to blame somebody else for your unfulfilled expectations.

Valentina’s position against Maidan and his supporters was the best way to get many hater’s. She decided to go public with this position, I think I should pay her respect.

Canada’s Ukrainian diaspora is small, but very mighty. Some of them participated on Maidan and promised Ukrainian people support from Ukrainian diaspora, Canada. These people hate you on social media, but that is not enough – they try to enter your life and ruin your reputation if you’re famous.

Now why I divided the entire article into 2 parts (Ukrainian Canadians and Case of Valentina Lisitsa)? I believe the things are connected here. I even believe that Michael Bociurkiw may have played a card in Valentina’s case.

P.S: Valentina’s another performance is off. The concert was scheduled to be a free one, April 10 in North York, Toronto, Lawrence Park Community Church. It is off – it is crazy!


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  1. Thank you for posting information that can help everyone see more clearly. From Canada.

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