WorldEnd (SukaSuka): being human/staying human or the value of life

Hello guys,

Indeed I never have written about any anime before, but this time I’m making an exception. WorldEnd (or japanese called SukaSuka) is a pretty new and rare type of anime. This is why I’m writing.


Willem Kmetsch is a young man mid 20 and according to the story the last survivor of the human race on Earth. 500 years after global catastrophe, which wiped out the human race, he was discovered being petrified in some mountain. After medical recovery he struggles with survival, aimlessly living among non-human beings, who populated this world.

He saves a mysterious girl in a town. Later he takes a job as „caretaker“ and is told to keep care of some „special weapons“. There he meets this girl once again.

Willem Kmetsch

This anime is really touching heart and has many aspects for a second thought. We are following Willem, who doesn’t know what to do with his sudden life in a world without any single human being except him. While this – and we understand this – is for sure horrible experience, he was suddenly saved by taking a job as „military caretaker“ for „special weapons“.

Suddenly we find out that the girl he saved earlier IS such a „weapon“, and there are many more of them. To think that cute girls are nothing more than disposable lifes is really creepy. We find out that the world is under threat of 17 beasts, and those girls are fighting them if they attack islands in the sky, where everyone is living.

Willem & Chtholly journey to the Tower

We follow the romance of Willem & Chtholly (a girl Willem saved) while finding out that those girls are fairies (meant they can fly) and can swing swords, which earlier were made for humans. Also the girls are artificially created beings meant to replace humans in a battlefield. The girls themselves are psychologically unstable & need support from others.


Finally we meet Souwong, earlier comrade of Willem and also earlier human (referred to as „Magus of the Polar Star“), who seems to play God in the story (and he is good at it). Souwong died in a battle, but instead of being petrified, he placed a curse on his body, so he survived after all. However it looks like Souwong paid incredibly high price – he lost his human feelings. For him everything would be fine to achieve his goals, while Willem seems to have just another values.

The idea of creating fairies to destroy beasts belongs to Souwong. He artificially creates those girls, so that they can sacrifice themselves in a battle. The girls are SUPPOSED to die, so they are „designed“ having only short lifespan. Incredibly sick.

I would assume also that the beasts themselves have been created artificially as well as part of genetic experiment. Just like those non-humans, who now are living in this world. I would also assume that the conflict between Willem & Souwong will be more present, since they both represent different points of view.

Since Souwong lost his family 500 years ago (meant he considered Willem as his „brother“), he never knew anything like family for a very long time. However it can not excuse the fact, that he uses everyone to his own benefit as tools. His own wish looks like to conquer the surface by freeing it from the beasts. For this aim he would do everything needed. He even considers the fairies as NON-LIFEFORMS, which does mean, they deserve no life. I would assume, that this behaviour is also due to the curse he placed on himself.

As for Willem, he was simply petrified, so he didn’t need to survive until just recently after being discovered. Willem is pictured as the last human on Earth, earlier referred to as „Black Agate Swordmaster“. He always cares about everyone. The fact that anyone isn’t human doesn’t change his beliefs. He thinks of the fairies not only as lifeforms, but he also thinks, they shouldn’t be used the way they are used. He is also pictured as psychologically unstable (meant he needs being with the fairies, and the fairies are pictured as psychologically unstable without him) so to be with the fairies together is crucial for both parties to not go insane.

Willem & Chtholly reunion


Chtholly (Chtholly Nota Seniorious) is also very important character in the story. She suffered heavily in her childhood being told that the only way to stop the beasts is a self-destruction. On that base she grew up seeing adult fairies to go in a battle and not to come back. This changes only after she meets Willem and falls in love with him. Willem cannot accept the fate of fairies in general and suggests for Chtholly a different way of fighting without sacrifice. This is hard for Chtholly to accept, since sacrifice is the only way of success she was told. However – being the 1st time in her life in love – she finally accepts the new way of thinking. I suppose without being in love with Willem she would never „listen“ to him in first place.

Thanks for Chtholly

Chtholly with Elq’s red hair

We have some news on Chtholly. After the intense last battle her mind gone in some kind of coma. The girl called Chtholly meets her previous existence – a girl called Elq, which has red hair color. Elq does know, that she is dead – however she won’t accept this. That means, that inside Chtholly’s body 2 girls are fighting to be alive – Chtholly & Elq. After awakening from coma, it looks like Chtholly’s body has steadily changed into Elq’s direction.

Update on Chtholly: the mental health state of Chtholly is very unstable, the mental disintegration makes her suffering. I would describe this as some kind of seizure. Not only it looks like her body undergoes changes on molecular level – no, she suffers memory loss. It is very clear, that the identity „Chtholly“ would be replaced with identity „Elq“ very soon, if this continues. The trigger for Chtholly’s disintegration seizures are her fairy and leprechaun powers. Even flying isn’t safe. The problem is however: Chtholly doesn’t want to show her real state, maybe she underestimates how bad it really is. This is also because she thinks, a fairy solder without a sword is unusable. Besides it looks like this condition was included in all fairie’s DNA, so in other words mental disintegration – and also personality overwritement – is unstoppable.

Who is Chtholly?

Chtholly’s memories

Chtholly’s Happiness


Elq Hrqstn

A goddess and one of the Visitors tasked to destroy humans. However, she is mentally not mature enough to understand what „death“ means. Her soul was used to create Chtholly. She is also the reason of Chtholly’s suffering and death. While being not mentally mature, she is still kind enough trying to save Chtholly, more out of curiousity though, however she fails. It is also interesting to see, that small, unmature kid girl should awaken in Chtholly’s 15-years old body. That’s quite freaking, because the both girls are totally different mentally. Elq was slain by Lillia Asplay long ago.

Lillia Asplay

Comrade of Willem & Souwong who also loves Willem. One of the strongest braves of humans and a very kind and beautiful girl. She also is the one who killed Elq, trying to save humanity. Unfortunately this decision was a „point of no return“ for humans, who created beasts, who wiped out the humanity.


Nygglatho is another character who should be described here. She is a non-human (while having a really nice human appearance), who found Willem years ago petrified. She helped him to integrate into non-human society, however it never helped until he takes the job of „caretaker“. The fairies, Willem and Nygglatho are living together in a building called „warehouse“, because those fairies are considered as disposable trash, so this should be underlined in a story that way. While Willem is representing the military, Nygglatho is representing the merchant guild. Nygglatho is pictured as always caring maid, who seems to have trouble to accept the fate of fairies as well, just like Willem.

Ithea + Nephren (Ren)

Here are 2 more fairies to introduce. Ithea (Ithea Myse Valgulious) is usually very funny and enjoys to tease Willem. Also she is a bit curious about some things and asks a lot. Nephren (Nephren Ruq Insania, also called Ren) is a calm girl with strategical and logical mind, though she also like to tease Willem and seems to love him. She is also bound to Willem and Chtholly emotionally. She likes to sleep near Willem. Both of the girls really enjoy to be with Willem and discuss many things.

Small update on Ithea: I would say it like this: personality overwrite. Yes, Ithea is a girl, whose body and  personality was overwritten long ago through mental disintegration. Ithea itself was completely gone, though the girl inside her body now, took her way of living thanks to a diary Ithea has written.

Conclusion: the mental disintegration can not be stopped.


Another interesting personality is Eboncandle, a monster and a god Willem already fought 500 years ago. As a result of this battle Eboncandle survived, however his body, skin & everything else was burned up, having left only his skully head. He is one of the Visitors, just like Elq. He cannot be considered a threat anymore, however he seems to pull some strings with Souwong together.

Willem, Souwong + Eboncandle

Why I titled that as „being human/staying human“? Well, it is very important not only to be human on the outside, but also to be human on the inside (in a heart) and stay human all the life. The conflict between Willem & Souwong makes it pretty clear. The value of life is something either you have or you haven’t. If you don’t have this – sorry, but you would never know why you should care and value life of anyone.

Sidethoughts: the animation is pretty amazing and the characters are mostly hand-drawn. Why making fairies with short lifespans, if they should die in a battle? If they are meant to die in a battle anyway, the factor „lifespan“ isn’t important, and if they are not compatible with any swords, making them die by creating them with short lifespan from the very beginning is cruel. This doesn’t make sense at all here. Well, for Souwong however the word „cruelty“ doesn’t exist.

We also see a society, where many races are living peacefully together, but none of those lifes are very much worth. This society doesn’t like beings without any genetic modification – so „human-like“ beings. These are called „disfeatured“ which means also that other races can hire them for anything or just boss them around. By the way: since fairies are artificially created, they’re also „disfeatured“, but what is more cruel – they’re created for only one purpose – to fulfill their role on a battlefield and die. That’s even accepted by society, since a „disfeatured“ fairy life is less worth, then someone else.

Technology & civilization review: the level of technology & civilization shown in this anime is pretty interesting, it is a mix of different inventions from different centuries. I was amazed about it though.

  • First – the clothes. The clothes are in some ways partially modern-like, partially 19-century & good-looking, especially for females. We see Chtholly in socks and Nygglatho is looking quite old-stuff, though material of those clothes is really detailed and lovely. Willem’s officer uniform looks interesting as well. Modern-looking lingerie you can see as well here.
  • Modern-looking ink pens and glasses here? Here you go.
  • Weapons: you have to choose between swords OR 19-century guns, though swords are made differently from usual.
  • And about those flying ships we shouldn’t speak at all (how can they fly, they refute aerodynamics)!
  • Cities are looking like from the Medieval Period of our history.
  • Modern-looking cafés with sweets in Medieval Period cities? Wtf?

Music analysis: one of the most beautiful aspects of this anime is music. „Scarborough Fair“ is a great song, „Always in my heart“ as well, and OP/ED is great too.

PS: now I see what was meant by Souwong when he told Willem about fairies, they have only short lifespan. If they don’t sacrifice themselves in a battle, their fate is to „die“ from mental disintegration. The body & personality will be completely replaced, this process can’t be stopped because it is integrated in their DNA. Such a complete replacement is much more cruel then death, seeing from any angle.

I never thought, I would love a tragedy that much. Someone might ask me, why watch an anime with predictable tragic end. While this applies to many other animes I know, this doesn’t apply to this one. Even knowing the end we are still watching this, because the anime shows us a mirror and asks us some essential questions. What makes someone a person? Who are we? How can we loose humanity and how to keep it? Should anyone be treated badly, if he looks differently? What is life? How should we live without regrets? What is death? How do we want to die? What we want to keep for others to remember after our death? This anime was designed with those questions in mind. If we can answer those questions worthy of us humans, then we might perhaps atone for our own deeds in this world.

Also I can’t deny: the anime has a part which criticize the way how our society has been built. Neitherless, that’s only a really small part of this.

I don’t believe in miracles. I’m very pessimistic about the end, however I must also say, that this anime needs to be watched despite all this.

Elq’s explanation

One last time

Small update on plot: The dug weapon „Lapidemsibilus“ – an ancient sword – has been found. It can grant the wielder top mental condition, so far it is interesting for Willem to cure Chtholly from mental disintegration. Though we already know, that it can’t be cured.

As I thought, it was revealed that humans created the beasts as biological weapons and used human bodies as core for the creation. The genetic experiment failed, the humankind created a weapon of mass destruction of themselves. The beasts used the dead bodies of humans they killed for reproduction. Soon after, the humankind has been wiped out from existence.

The End

The end: well… very predictable. While fighting with beasts Willem tries to save Ren, who is heavily injured, being saved by Chtholly. Chtholly activates her „fairy gate“, which wipes all the beasts, but lets her „die“ as personality. It seems that Willem dies as well, at least as human being. I could assume, that Willem turned into beast.

Conclusion: this anime will definitely cause a non-healing, bloody wound inside your heart. If you’re sensitive for that – don’t watch. Despite this, it is recommended to be seen, it shows you the brutality of the human race and also how cruel gods may be. As for myself – every time I hear „Scarborough Fair“ – I’m crying. Seriously.

This anime waisted some development potential. Why the anime focuses on the main characters, while not interacting that much with side characters? Why Willem/Souwong conflict is underdeveloped? Why not using „Lapidemsibilus“ when it was possible? Some more story development would really be appreciated. Though I’m totally not thinking of the concept of this anime – 12 episodes á 20 minutes length.



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